Multi-Channel Marketing Features

Having the ability to engage all your contacts through a multi-channel marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important but you need more than just multiple channels. You also need the kind of communication styles and systems that your customers are demanding. Not only is it valuable strategically to have all the marketing channels active from a single source, the Pinnacle system also maximizes that value by incorporating all the features noted below at NO EXTRA CHARGE. If you go to any of the multitude of email services available today to incorporate the email channel, you’ll find features like Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Programs will cost extra…often more for these usability essentials than the rest of the program. The same is true of SMS Text service companies and none of them offer an Integrated Multi-Channel Campaign Management System because none of them offer multi-channel operability.

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With your Pinnacle account, you have the whole package, all in one place, under one easy to use management console, for one price. Take a look at the list of features below and call us for more information and a free consultation on how we can help you achieve your goals using the most sophisticated multi-channel marketing system on the planet!



  Mobile Features

  Social Features

  Collect Contacts

  Interactive Features