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Voice messaging Used by permission only to send your pre-recorded message to all your audience at once on their cell pr land-line phone. If the receiver does not pick up, the message is recorded on their voice mail system. This is a fabulous use of advanced technology to bring the personal touch of a human voice to instantly and automatically communicate with all your contacts.

Voice marketing has been an integral component of top businesses’ marketing mix and strategy to consumers for years. It provides your business with a platform to execute voice marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your store, website or event, while increasing customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. Announce special sales, cross-sell complimentary products or services, and generate incremental sales.

customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management

  • Welcome and engage customers with a friendly voice.
  • Re-engage past customers with special incentives.
  • Target a specific group of contact for special offers.
  • Send greetings and good wishes on special occasions.

voice Broadcast Pinnacle Mobile MarketingInvitation Reminders for Events and Promotions

  • Insure all your customers receive news of your events, even if they don’t do email.
  • Include details about where and when the event is scheduled.
  • Remind listener about special discounts and how to RSVP.
  • Voice allows meaningful emphasis to underlind important points.

Voice Boradcast Pinnacle Mobile MediaAnnounce New Services and Products

  • Insure all your customers receive news of your new products and offerings.
  • Get the word out to all your customers exactly when you want them to know.
  • Customers appreciate being notified.

Voice Messaging Features & Benefits

VoiceBroadcastSimple Setup

  • Simply use your PC and Microphone to record your message or upload your audio file.
  • Send to a specific person or a group of persons at once.
  • Set timer and your message will be sent automatically.
  • Reschedule your voice messaging to send multiple times.
  • Resend your voice message if the phone was busy.

VoiceBroadcastCustom Integration

  • Integrate with your existing application, software, or website with our Developer API
  • Pinnacle’s One-Stop-Shop approach already integrates your voice, mobile text, instant message and email marketing campaigns.

VoiceBroadcastCustom Integration

  • No contracts, set up fees, downloads or special hardware required.
  • We handle all the heavy lifting, making sure your messages is delivered on time.
  • Pinnacle makes it simple to run your entire campaign online from any computer.