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PMM’s Social Media Marketing

Social media has found its way to the lives of every consumer. Business owners can now communicate uniquely with their audiences and launch the strongest form of marketing: word-of-mouth. With the social media audience numbering in the billions, you can create your online presence and strengthen your brand credibility. Exposure is crucial and great content is important, but delivering this content on the newsfeed preferred by your audience distinguishes your business from other businesses. We will give you the tools that will bring you the exposure you need, and send audiences to like, post, and share your business with their friends and families and absolutely no fan limits.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Guide

Social Media Marketing Tools

Included in your Pinnacle package, you can launch an integrated social-media campaign:

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 01

Tools for Updating Facebook and Twitter Feeds

Update your Facebook and Twitter Feeds automatically and simultaneously to insure your exposure remains alive and current.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 02Facebook Like-gating

Like-gating is a Facebook application where your audience are allowed to receive exclusive deals and offers only after they have liked your fan page.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 03Facebook Widget

Collect your customer data directly from your Facebook fan page, expand your contact database and create targeted campaigns.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 04Multi-Channel Voting

Use surveys on Facebook or coordinated with Mobile surveys to make sure you cover all the bases to boost your customer engagement and clarify public opinion about your brand or offerings.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 05Facebook Tab Editor

Easily customize and add tabs to your fan page. You can also create them instantly using our templates.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing Social Media Tools 06Facebook Coupons

Increase your Facebook likes and drive traffic to your business by offering coupons directly from your Facebook tab.

Pinnacle’s Complete One-Stop-Shop Package:

[gn_note color=”#b8d9ef”]As important as Social Media Marketing is, many of your customers may prefer other electronic marketing channels. In order to reach your entire audience, Pinnacle offers, in one place, all of today’s marketing channels, like mobile text, social media, Chat, voice broadcast and even custom mobile apps, all in one integrated management console. By incorporating multiple channels in each campaign, your marketing efforts will be more effective and give you a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing digital world.[/gn_note]