Email Marketing

There are few people alive today who do not use email. As a result, email has become the most common and mature electronic marketing channel. While there are many email service companies, none are more reliable and sophisticated than Pinnacle’s and none who offer all the most important marketing channels plus done-for-you options all in one account. With the explosion of Mobile electronics, email alone is not enough but when combined Pinnacle’s One-Stop-Shop solution, you will be able to run campaigns that include mobile text, voice, chat and social media so you can reach all your customes where they like to hang out. Even if you’ve been using email for years, Pinnacle’s multi-touch approach will enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


Email Marketing Features

From one customer database, Pinnacle’s email system forms the foundation of your coordinated electronic and mobile marketing campaigns:

solution1 Sophisticated Styling

    • Pinnacle’s professionally designed email templates to compose beautiful and striking messages.
    • Our templates are customizable, allowing you to brand them with your own name and logo.
    • Create consistent style with all your electronic messaging, newsletters, invitations and graphical text messages.
    • Use Pinnacle’s mail merge feature to add a personal touch so your messages never feel like a form-letter!

solution2Reliable Scheduling

    • Easily schedule your messages to be automatically delivered when you want your customers to see them.
    • Send scheduled reminders on specific dates or ordered period like weekly, monthly or yearly.
    • Build customer appreciation with courtesy appointment reminders, or special event greetings.

solution3Effective List Building

    • Collect Opt-In Customer lists with advanced collection tools:
      • Online Sign Up Pages
      • Facebook Widgets and Signup Pages
      • Mobile Signeup Pages
      • Text to Shortcode Keywords
      • QR Codes
    • Use Pinnacle’s automated conversation system to collect additional information

solution5Delivery & Tracking

    • Pinnacle’s dedicated email servers insure your campaigns are delivered when scheduled.
    • Detect invalid addresses and automatically remove them from your databases.
    • Track delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, sign-ups, bounce rates and more.
    • Test audience engagement by trying variations on messages and tracking responses.

solution6Spam Testing

    • Pinnacle’s spam tester will indicate if your email campaign is at risk of being seen as spam.
    • Detailed instructions tell you how to improve your deliverability.

Pinnacle’s Complete “One-Stop-Shop” Package:

[gn_note color=”#b8d9ef”]As important as email is, many of your customers may prefer other electronic marketing channels. In order to reach your entire audience, Pinnacle offers, in one place, all of today’s marketing channels, like mobile text, social media, Chat, voice broadcast and even custom mobile apps, all in one integrated management console. By incorporating multiple channels in each campaign, your marketing efforts will be more effective and give you a competetive edge in today’s rapidly changing digital world.[/gn_note]