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Instant Message Marketing

Instant messaging (IM) is the quickest communication system, very easy to use, even for a novice user. The message is immediately received in a pop up box and receiver can respond in no time. As a result, IM is rapidly being embraced by the business community as a means to engage with their customers instantly through their personal networks. The most attractive news, it’s totally free. AOL instant messenger and Microsoft message are the most popular IM of all.


Smart Blast

With Pinnacle’s platform you can incorporate email marketing and text messaging marketing – covering multiple marketing channels for your business.

Pinnacle’s unique feature called “SmartBlast” allows you to send a single message across three communication channels. Starting with IM, the system will detect if the message was received. If not, it will forward the message to the customer’s mobile phone as a Text Message. Again, if that is not received, it will send the message to the customer via Email.

A SmartBlast message is delivered in this order:
Instant Message (IM) Mobile Text Message Email

How does it work?

Instant Messenger Marketing Process:

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  • Attach a relevant picture to gain customer attention.
  • Write the message professionally including user’s first and last name.
  • Send a website link of promos or offers or events for more information.


Flexible scheduling of sending messages:

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  • Your message can be sent instantly or schedule a future time and date for sending messages.
  • Setting reminders is a great advantage. Mail can be sent as reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly or any specific time period you like.
  • The auto notification sending system sends updated messages to the person as soon as s/he joins to the campaign. For Example, a greeting message can be sent as soon as a customer joins in to the campaign and then friendly reminder notifications will be sent to update them about the event or promotion on a scheduled basis.

Communicate across different IM accounts:

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  • There are many IM channels around, so you may not reach to your all customer using a single messenger. The system allows you to send your messages through the two most popular Instant Messenger accounts: AOL and MICROSOFT.
  • Take advantage of Pinnacle’s “One-Stop-Shop” package to communicate in one campaign through multiple channels by integrating all your chat, email, social media, mobile text and voice messaging all using a single dashboard.


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