Pinnacle’s “One-Stop-Shop” Channels

Key Considerations:

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With the advent of smartphones, mobile marketing has focused on email, and more recently, text message marketing. However, today no electronic marketing strategy can remain confined to email or text marketing alone. Instant messaging has become widespread among young people; social media has transformed the manner in which information is shared and consumed; and many older folks still prefer phone contact. If you limit your outreach, those customers who prefer the channels you are not using will never receive your messages.

To stay in sync with changing times, your company needs to endorse these dynamic transformations and engage a marketing strategy that utilizes all communication channels. Enter Pinnacle Mobile Marketing’s One-Stop-Shop where you can not only get the help and guidance you need, but you also get the ease of managing all these marketing channels at the same time, using a single integrated and easy-to-use toolset.

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    Mobile Text   Voice Blast   Social Marketing   Chat IM   Mobile Text

What You Get:

  Reach Every One Of Your Contacts

• Your messages get through on the channel your customers prefer.

• Create Massive Engagement with your customers.

• Increase probability of Click-through, Opt-in, and Sign-up.

• No one is left out!


  All 5 Marketing Channels in one package

• Multi-Channel Marketing is the only way to be thorough.

• SMS & MMS Text, Email, Voice, Chat / IM, Social

• All included in one easy to use package.

• One integrated cloud-based application you can access anywhere.


  Maximize Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

• Permission-Based and SPAM-Free to prevent negative impressions.

• All Channels coordinated for a harmonized, consistent presentation.

• Automated campaign delivery no matter how complex the schedule.

• Boosted ROI, Response Rates, and Brand Awareness.


Just ONE PLATFORM to coordinate it all!

With Pinnacle’s software, you have everything in one place on the web, easy to use, and accessible everywhere, even on the go with your mobile device! Statistically speaking, you need to contact your prospects 7 or more times (average) before a sale is made. If you have many contacts and you never know for sure where they will be when you want to send a message, setting up a thorough campaign can be daunting, and maybe even impossible with a toolset spread across multiple accounts and vendors. With this package, all you need to do is setup six or eight or ten messages, scheduled to go out a periodic intervals and it all happens automatically without further involvement. It makes it easy to engage small or large groups of contacts and customers and in today’s market, ENGAGEMENT is the magic word.

And, if it all sounds complex or new to you…no need for you to climb a long learning-curve. We can help you get set up quickly. Or, if you’d prefer, we can do it all for you. Call us for more information on how we can help you grow in this new, exciting world! 951-821-8659

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