Multi-Channel Marketing Tools

Multi-Channel Marketing Toolset

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  • Modern Engagement Marketing


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Now that you have assembled a list of prospects and customers who have opted-in to receive your messages, you need to engage them and to “Bond” with them so they think of you when the impulse to buy arises.  For this task, you need a toolset that not only excels in technological sophistication, but one that will reach your audience where and when they are most receptive.

That is why we at Pinnacle Mobile Marketing have assembled the best, most robust set of tools available, allowing you, with only one database, to integrate all five of the most popular communication channels today: Email, Mobile Text, Voice Broadcast, Instant Message or Chat, and Social Media.

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  • Integrated Cloud-Based Marketing Platform


This is your single, integrated electronic communication platform. Accessible from any web-enabled device, this one location will allow you to automatically, or manually:

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  • mobile ideasBuild and Maintain a fully opted-in contact list
  • Generate messages in any electronic medium
  • Engage automated conversations
  • Schedule automated message delivery in the media preferred by each contact
  • Utilize the most sophisticated text, graphic, video and audio messaging available, even in mobile text messages.
  • Enjoy confidence of a robust system that can handle anything you throw at it.

The digital and mobile communication revolution has created options for human interaction that no one could even imagine just a few years ago and, as you might expect, people are learning which of these options they like the best. The “Baby-Boom” generation has become dependent on Email. Young adults prefer Mobile Text communications, while the youngest generation seems drawn to Instant Messenger and Chat sessions. The elderly often still prefer voice messages and half the world is now immersed in social media. In order to reach all of your potential market, you need to be able to incorporate all of these marketing channels.

In the past, to do this, you would need an account with an email servicer; another account with a text messaging service and yet another with any of the other channels your customers might prefer.

Pinnacle Mobile App ManMost businesses don’t even try because the difficulty of building, managing and updating multiple databases is overwhelming. Pinnacle Mobile Marketing has made it easy by integrating all five of these messaging channels into one system that allows you to manage everything from one place; a single contact database and a single service account.

Check out the enormous potential this system offers you, from simple email and text messaging to Mobile Coupons, Appointment Reminders, Loyalty Programs and much more. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll set you up with a no-obligation login to check out the back office and even try some of the features for free.

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