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Understanding SMO

One of the most amazing facts is that Facebook, a web site that didn’t even exist only a few years ago, now has so many members that “If it were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world.” As of December 2012, Facebook hosts more than a Billion ACTIVE users every month. The number is so staggering that we can’t relate to it but as a business person, you need to factor Facebook and other sites like it into your customer engagement strategy. Unfortunately, the task seems daunting and baffling. Even businesses who actively engage in social media seldom have time to utilize the best tools to maximize its value, much less time to explore, or even grasp the enormous scale of the social media phenomenon. But the statistics don’t lie. Virtually 100% of your customers and potential customers are engaged in some form of social media. If you are not present, your competition will be.

New Customer Traffic

Involvement in social sites will make your business visible to the billions of users who might want or need what you have to offer and will help build credibility. Over time, this will draw new customers into your business but your involvement in social networks may have other side benefits as well.  There is an ongoing controversy whether your business involvement in social media will enhance your organic (SEO) search rankings. As Google evolves to become increasingly “Social” in its service offerings, it will eventually include involvement in social media networks as a key ranking metric. This means that the more you engage your company in social networking, your SEO ranking is likely to improve organically as time goes on.

Customer Retention

In today’s market, your current customer base is constantly bombarded with demands for attention, and alternatives to purchasing from you. What is most important is that you stay engaged with your customers so your offerings are at the top of their list of options when they make a buying decision. You can do that with email messaging and text messaging along with the other tools we offer but you should not overlook social media because many of your customers will prefer to receive their information and updates through the various social sites they prefer and if you are not there, someone else will fill the vacancy.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing SMO Services

If you are already involved in Social Media, we can help to either fill out your current activities so you are optimally engaged. AND, if you are new to social media, we can do everything for you, including:

  1. Setup and Design
  2. Ongoing Marketing Services over a 6-month term
  3. Education so you can take over after the 6-month, or continue using our services in “maintenance” mode.

Social Media Sites We Service

  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Picassa
  • Pinterest

Let us give you a free consultation and description of all the detailed services we provide to make sure your company dominates any or all of the social media sites.