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Your web site was most likely developed for desktop or laptop computers but today it is more likely to be accessed by a mobile device, most often a smart phone.

[gn_pullquote align=”right”]Already more than 50% of local searches are completed on mobile devices.[/gn_pullquote]

If your site is not mobile-optimized, it is unlikely to be among the first results delivered by Google and other search engines when a mobile device searches but even if it is found, it’s unlikely to be pursued. Much of the time, a user searching with a smart phone is doing so with only one free hand, quite possibly searching with voice commands. Navigating a standard site with a thumb on a smart phone is virtually impossible and you will be left in the dust as your potential client continues to search for a site he or she can navigate while on the go. If a searcher does happen to find your site and has both hands available, he or she is now faced with another challenge. Those buttons on your site, so easy to click with a mouse, are tiny on the mobile screen and trying to tap them with a finger or thumb is almost always frustrating. Add to that the virtually impossible task of copying and pasting your address into a map program to get directions, or the difficulty of just finding your phone number, and it’s no wonder most mobile searchers jump off standard web sites immediately.

Did You Know?

1: 50% Of Smart Phone users use apps like YPMobile, Google Maps, YellowBook, SuperPages, Citysearch, etc. for their searches. Pinnacle’s Local Mobile Domination program enhances our customers’ position on those app searches.

2: 70-90% of Local Searches convert to a sale that very day, usually through a mobile-optimized site. If you are not getting these sales, they are going to your competition.

3: 64% of mobile restaurant searches convert within one hour!

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4: Most of the immediate sales are done with sites that have mobilized web presence. Typical features include easy to navigate, click to call button, ease of finding prices, etc.

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing – Mobile Web Conversion Services

At Pinnacle, we know how to design your Mobile Landing Page so it Converts.

How to Design a Mobile Landing Page that Converts

Pizza Restaurant Case Study

Standard Web on iPhone PlanetPizza_m-Home PlanetPizza_LocationPlanetPizza_Coupons




Figure 2: Front page with business locations leads to page with the primary functions the user desires (Click to call, Make Reservation, Coupons, Directions from current location.) Finally comes the coupon page that can be redeemed inside the store.

You need your mobile web site optimized for your audience. Auto mobilizer plugins may make the site squeeze to fit the mobile screen but almost never meet your customers’ needs.

We work with each customer to insure that we:

  Know your Audience – E.G. Primary Restaurant searches done by females 18-24 with less than $100K income. Second group is Males 25-54 with income between $50-100K

  Know the Context. E.G. 75% of smartphone users access a restaurant info on the go.

  Know the customer’s goals. E.G. Smartphone user’s goals for a restaurant:

  Call the restaurant,

  Look up directions,

  Look up locations near me

  Easily find coupons and deals

 We specialize in helping local businesses deliver the kind of experience their potential and existing customers want. We help you make it easy to buy from you and in today’s environment, that puts you in the lead of all your competition.

For a free consultation on how we can help your web presence meet the needs of the new mobilized customer, call us at 951-821-8659

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