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Master Web Presence

Key Considerations:

These days it almost goes without saying that if you are in business, you need a master web presence. In most cases, our customers already have a web site so the initial question would be whether you need a new web site design or just a modification of an existing site. We can do either for you but first we need to understand your goals and objectives. In many cases our clients need a web site that will rank higher in search results. Frequently an entire redesign is less costly in time and money to achieve that result. For example, we are now able to design a site that is “Fully Responsive” which means that it will automatically respond to any device that accesses the page. This is not just a “Mobilizer Plug In” but the newest technology in web design that shifts the site layout to dynamically optimize for any size screen. This technology is more likely to put your site ahead of other standard web sites when your product or service is searched with a mobile device. If your goals will be better served by a Responsive Web Design, it will most likely require a new site.

  Customer Focus

We understand that your prime objective is to attract more customers, close more sales and improve profits. To that end, we never assume we know what is best for you until we have a chance to review your business systems and objectives. If you are on this page, most likely you think your site could perform better, or you need a new site altogether. It’s quite possible we will recommend other approaches to reach your goals but if a new or improved web presence is indicated, you have come to the right place! Our quality, sophistication, and cost-effectiveness is second to none.

  Responsive Web Design

This site that you are currently on is an example of the new Responsive Web Technology. If you are viewing on a desktop or laptop computer, simply size your browser to be very narrow (like the size of a smart phone held in portrait orientation.) You will see immediately how the site re-formats the menus and copy to fit the smaller size screen. In analyzing your goals, we may recommend a responsive design, or a custom Mobile-Optimized upgrade to your present site, or even both.

  SEO and Local Search Optimized

The vast majority of web sites in existence were not designed from the start with strong search optimization as a primary performance characteristic. Our SEO and Local Search services can bring most sites up to current standards and we guarantee your site’s performance, but if a new site is required, you can be sure we will put all our SEO experience, knowledge, and talent into the design.

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