Custom Mobile App

Custom Mobile App

iphone app marketing wilsonPinnacle Mobile Marketing’s Perspective

We produce the most advanced and cost-effective mobile apps possible, BUT, we will not promote this marketing channel to you if it does not fit your business needs. Let’s be frank…not every business is ready for a custom mobile app. That’s especially true of a business with little or no electronic marketing program at this time. When it comes to marketing, there are hundreds of tactics available, both traditional and electronic, so how would you know which tactic will produce the best return on your marketing dollars?

The answer is that a Cohesive, Integrated and Synchronized Strategy is the first step. A mobile app may sound sexy and many businesses invest without first understanding how it will fit the overall needs of their business, usually with unsatisfactory results. A mobile app is just one marketing channel which should be considered as you design your marketing strategy. It will open dozens of powerful new marketing tactics for your business but the implementation needs to come at the right time and be the right fit with everything else you are doing to build your brand and expand your business.

Why a Mobile App?

iphone app bransonThe short answer is that a mobile app fills the needs of some customers and may be the best way to meet some of your business goals. Pinnacle is dedicated to be your “One Stop Marketing Shop” and mobile apps are an important arsenal in your business-building toolset. Just like our electronic marketing Tool Set, we understand that some customers will buy the product or service you offer significantly more often if they have your mobile app on their phone. In addition, it is essentially free to send out promotions in the form of Push Notifications to the customers with your app on their phones. If you want to get the most out of your customer list, and get your messages, offers and announcements to 100% of your customers, a mobile app may be a significant part of your overall marketing program.

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