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PortraitTom_0067_200x200I remember the first time I encountered anything about the internet. It was about 1986. At the time I was running a business consulting firm in Upstate New York. I’d been Director of International Quality for a division of Hitachi and had become an expert in the (then brand new) field of Total Quality Management, Just In Time Manufacturing, and ISO 9000 certification so I brought these programs to some large firms, including the City of Poughkeepsie and State University.

Back then, FAX was the big deal!

I heard about something new called e-Mail and was intrigued but absolutely no one knew how to set it up or use it except within dedicated large company networks. There was some talk about something called the internet. Thinking back, I don’t believe the term “World Wide Web” had been coined yet and no one I knew had ever heard the term “Cell Phone.”

internet_timelineIt’s amazing how things change in less than 25 years! A couple years later, in 1990, I started a new business (Video Impact Productions, Inc.) specializing in corporate, industrial, and medical training video and 3D photo-real animation. By then, the “Internet” had become the big buzz but no one knew anything about it. It took a few more years but I had become as much of an expert as anyone on this new technology because I knew it would eventually transform the world. You see, the heart of everything we did in my consulting firm was communications. The big challenge in every business at the time was how to improve and maintain clear communications both within the company and with outside vendors and customers. We all new how cumbersome physical travel, mail, phone and even (poor quality) FAX was, so I recognized right away that eMail and the Internet would change everything and make the solutions I was offering much more simple and easy.

As an early adopter, my production company web presence enabled me to land clients like IBM, AT&T, and many other well-known corporations. We even produced animation segments for Paramount (Star Trek Voyager series) and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

All of this was made possible by the internet…but now EVERYONE knows that internet presence is required for even the smallest business to be successful. But this technological marvel has created a huge problem…the problem of complexity and the problem of saturation. As a business person, you know you need an online presence AND that everyone else in your industry also know they need the same thing. So you not only need presence, you need to stand out from all the others.




Now the game is changing again with the “Mobile Revolution!”



Who can keep up with all this? If you’re like the rest of us, your business keeps you occupied. You don’t have the time to learn these new technologies and their seemingly infinite applications. So you tend to try what other people say worked for them. Most of the time, that approach just leads to discouragement. And, that’s not all. Once you do decide what technologies to implement, do you have the time to actually do it all yourself? In most cases the answer is no, and if you try, you won’t have any way to determine if the failure is because the technique you chose was wrong, timed badly, or just poorly executed.

That’s where we come in. After more than twenty five years in business development, branding, and management, I’ve decided to return to consulting. But I recognize that in this increasingly complex market environment, you need more than someone to just suggest slick-sounding courses of action. With that in mind, Pinnacle Mobile Marketing was formed to provide both the guidance through this dynamic landscape, and the tools and vehicles you’ll need to make the journey. We can even provide the personnel to do whatever portion of the work that you don’t have time to do in-house.

So Here’s What We Know For Sure:


You know you need sophisticated market presence that will set you above your competition.


You know it’s complicated and changing rapidly.


Now you have a single place to go for all the help you’ll need.


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