Case Studies

[gn_note color=”#c7d9ff”]CASE STUDIES[/gn_note] [gn_note color=”#c7d9ff”]Read about real life examples of how businesses and organizations have utilized Pinnacle’s All-In-One platform to boost sales and engage with their audiences.[/gn_note]
Napa Valley Wine Train

Customer : Napa Valley Wine Train
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Mobile Keywords
Result : Napa Valley Wine Train, a wine and food dining destination in Northern California, used the Marketing Toolset to collect over 8,000 mobile subscribers in just a few months of running its pilot programs. Guests and interested diners texted in mobile keywords to enter into raffled giveaways. For on-board diners, Napa Wine Train managed to engage up to 55% of all guests with mobile keyword campaigns.

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jamba juice

Customer : Jamba Juice
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, QR Codes, Mobile Coupons, Social Media
Result : Jamba Juice of Bakersfield, which owns and operates four local franchises of the popular beverage and food company, increased its in-store traffic by around ten percent. As a result of the increased traffic, Jamba Juice of Bakersfield has realized a significant boost in sales.

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Customer : Chick-fil-A
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Mobile Keyword, Mobile Coupons, Social
Result : Chick-fil-A acquired 2,000 mobile contacts by advertising their very own keyword via social media, blog posts, online networds and signage. Opt-in customers were rewarded with special discounts resulting in an exciting 20 percent redemption rate.
Participating customers are now offered weekly coupons, deals and promotions.

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Customer : L-A Harley Davidson
Campaign : Text Marketing, Two-way Text Messaging
Result : L-A Harley Davidson was able to grow
its mobile text marketing database to 1000 customers and had an event
turn-out of about 250 to 350 attendees which represented between a 20
and 35 percent response rate at each event. It also led to an increase
in repeat business.

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Customer : Attic
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Social Media
Result : Attic generated $20,000 in sales within
the first 2 hours of opening. Attic produced a month’s worth of revenue
in 3 days – a huge success!

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Micheal C.Fina

Customer : Michael C. Fina (Diamond Dash : Dash for a Diamond & a Cure)
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Social Media
Result : The event raised $25,000 through dasher
donations, raffle ticket sales, and partner donations. The campaign
connected with 343 participants and had a 100% engagement rate.

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Customer : Mustang Heritage Foundation
Campaign : Mobile Keyword Voting
Result : 838 audience members participated in
the mobile voting campaign with the contest winner receiving 160
text-ins. In total, the Fan Favorite horse and rider received over
$14,000 worth of prize money for performance during the Extreme Mustang

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Gospel Truth

Customer : Gospel Truth Magazine
Campaign : SMS Text Marketing, Online Sign-up Page, Mobile Keyword Voting, Social Media
Result : Within a month of their campaign,
10,000 mobile numbers signed up through their keywords from flyers,
prints publications, websites, blogs, as well as a number of social
media outlets. It now contacts the opt-in members regularly for music
promotions, upcoming album releases, and events.