The new formula for business success today is:

List + Traffic = Revenue

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Perhaps you have a list of existing customers or prospects. If so, we can help you expand that list, insure it is fully opted-in, and fill it out with intelligence that you never before thought you’d need. Social intelligence will become increasingly important as the economy recovers. If you do not have such a list, this is the place to start. Businesses that fail in the next five years will mostly fail because their existing customer base is eroding faster every day while the cost of gaining new customers becomes increasingly high.  With the right strategy and tools, your customer retention will improve while the cost of acquiring new customers will go down.

There are hundreds of ways to build your marketing list and to gather the intelligence about that list to help you communicate in ways that will stimulate interest and positive response. We can help you understand the options and to pick the ones that will be best for your business.

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Having a list is not enough by itself. You will need to work the list in a way that acknowledges the wishes and desires of your audience. If done correctly, you will discover the new meaning of “customer loyalty.” Loyalty is no longer a term for folks who come to you no matter what their other alternatives might be. Today, “Loyalty” refers to the folks who come to you because you have done something more for them than everyone else, so you are the first one they think of when a need or desire arises.

The second aspect of traffic is the use of modern tools and techniques to draw the folks in your marketing list to visit your business more often than they otherwise would. This is done by using the intelligence gathered as part of your list to offer goods, services, and deals that they may not have known you offer, or that they didn’t even know they wanted.

Finally, the third aspect of traffic is “Driving Traffic” to your business. We can show you how to use modern marketing outreach techniques to bring in new customers resulting both in new sales and in expanding your marketing list. Whether they buy from you on the internet, on a smart phone, or in person at your place of business, you need modern, efficient and creative tools and techniques to drive traffic to your point of purchase.

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We expect that you already know how to close sales of your product or service once you have an interested buyer. We have many years of professional sales experience and will be happy to assist you with techniques to increase your closing ratio if you desire such help. More importantly, we’ve found that a well-crafted and synchronized marketing system will produce higher conversion rates than a haphazard approach. Our service is unique in that we not only offer tools and techniques, but we specialize in helping you design a full marketing “Roadmap.” This service will analyze your market position and leave you with a complete marketing plan for the next six to twelve months, including month-by-month, step-by-step action sequences to help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.

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