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Your business goals for the next year and beyond may be aggressive; they may be based on what you know you can achieve, or they may be desperate (hit the goal or shut down.) No matter how you decide where you want to go next, you will get there faster, with less trouble, work and expense if you have a good map and the best tools for the territory you must traverse.


Consider us to be your:

Map-Maker (Strategy) and your Outfitter (Tools)

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  • We specialize in Guiding local businesses through the wilderness of new technologies and
  • We are Outfitters to your business success, providing all the tools you will need to go safely and directly to your goals.Marketing Gold Rush Poster

As business owners today, we are both pioneers in an unfamiliar landscape, and we are literally defining and setting the standards for what business will be in the future. As the economy revives its vitality, only the businesses that adjust to the new demands will survive.

Small to medium size businesses today are being shaken by the dramatic changes in the economic landscape caused by morphing consumer desires, an insane bombardment of messages and an increasingly mobilized population. The classical approach of hanging out your shingle (advertising) and waiting for customers to come to you is no longer effective.

Three factors to consider:

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  • Selective Attention

No one can pay attention to everything so the media that offers the least “Payoff” will be the first to be ignored. Increasingly attention is shifting to text messaging, social networks, and video messaging because those media offer the most immediate gratification in a world moving so fast we all sometimes feel like we’re being left behind.

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  • Endless Attractive Distractions

Print and direct mail are not as effective as they once were for selling product because your offering will get lost in the avalanche of similar or distracting promotions. Print and direct mail has become most useful as a tool to invite your customers and prospects to turn their attention to a new media (one which you dominate.)

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  • Everything is GOING MOBILE

America’s subtitle is “The Land of The Free” and, although that started as a political commentary, it has come to mean much more. “Untethered” has become the definitive aspect of our physical freedom and the entire world is taking to it like birds to flight.

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  • You can’t know Everything!

You are the expert on your product and services. You’ve spent years thinking about it, studying it, selling it and delivering it to your customers. At the speed of change today, you can’t be expected to keep up with new technologies and the way your customers are changing their habits, desires and expectations. We are the experts in marketing technologies and how best to use them. We spend our time thinking about it, studying it, selling it and delivering results to our customers. Our job is to know how marketing is changing so you don’t have to.

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