About PMM

Pinnacle Mobile Marketing

After the founders’ more than 70 combined years in sales and marketing, two things became increasingly clear:

1. Electronic, computer-based forms of marketing, advertising, and customer management are far more effective and create higher levels of conversion than traditional advertising and management tools.

2. The vast majority of customers (both consumer and business) are rapidly converting over to mobile computing devices which demand new, innovative and tech-savvy marketing approaches that are unfamiliar to the vast majority of businesses.

Add to that the fact that these new high-tech tech devices spawn an overwhelming variety of possible techniques and it’s no wonder that most businesses know they need to get in the game but don’t have a clue where to start or what tactics to employ. So, most start asking friends and going to Google to search for answers. Typically, web site creation, eMail marketing and, more recently, text marketing seem familiar and businesses pick one and jump in without an integrated plan as a starting point. Unfortunately, there are seemingly countless service companies offering these services AND they are all specialized so to take advantage of several marketing opportunities, you need just as many vendor contracts, each with its own database to manage.    If you’re lucky…maybe it works, sort of. But depending on luck is no way to run a business.

Knowing all this, Pinnacle Mobile Marketing was formed in 2011 with the following objectives:


PMM is designed to be a single location where you can find everything you need to design, implement and track a modern marketing plan.

  Integrated Design

In every case we’ve seen, multiple modern marketing and customer engagement tactics should be built into a fully integrated marketing design. PMM has assembled an inventory of marketing tools that all work seamlessly together, managed by a single interface and driven by a single customer database.

  Guidance and Education

Every business has different needs and has achieved a different level along the new technology learning curve. PMM’s staff is knowledgeable in many different industries and is available to assist both in the design and implementation of your plan.

  Done-For-You Services

No matter what your marketing program needs, if you do not have the staff or resources to do it yourself, PMM has the resources to do it for you.


Honesty, Reliability, Respect

PMM founders, staff, and associates are deeply committed to honesty, accountability, and respect for every customer and individual involved in performing any task. That said, we also understand the practical aspect of business integrity, namely that if the market begins to doubt the character, ability or honesty of our business, we will fail. Therefore, our business decisions will be founded on a core commitment to:

    • Communicate clearly, succinctly, accurately, and honestly
    • Treat everyone with respect
    • Continuously seek ways to improve
    • Resolve any issues or complaints to the customer’s satisfaction
    • Evaluate all marketing and advertising materials for honesty and accuracy
    • Monitor all accounting and record keeping for honesty and accuracy
    • Contribute to the well-being of our community